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Designing and building a new house or renovating an existing house to be highly energy-efficient requires careful planning and attention to detail. A whole-house systems approach helps homeowners, architects, and builders develop successful strategies for optimizing home energy efficiency.

This approach considers the house as an energy system with interdependent parts, each of which affects the performance of the entire system. It also takes the occupants, site, and local climate into consideration.

To ensure that your new or renovated home takes full advantage of a whole-house systems approach, hire an experienced design and building team and insist that they use a whole-building systems approach from the beginning of the design process. Your designer can perform a whole-house computer simulation that compares multiple combinations of variables to arrive at the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution.

These variables could include:

  • Site conditions
  • Local climate
  • Appliances and home electronics
  • Insulation and air sealing
  • Lighting and delighting
  • Space heating and cooling
  • Water heating
  • Windows, doors, and skylights.

    • Reduced utility and maintenance costs
    • Increased comfort
    • Reduced noise

  • A healthier and safer indoor environment will improved building durability.You can use the whole-house systems approach with any home design. Once you’ve reduced your energy loads requirements as much as possible, consider adding renewable energy systems that generate electricity and heat water.

home remodel las vegas nv

It all starts in our design studio, and one-stop shop for all the materials that will make your Butler's custom home unlike anyone else’s. There’s no substitute for admiring a home filled with choices made by you, for you. With a Butler's custom home you’re not limited to just decorating rooms, your home will have your vision, and be a place for you to express yourself in ways you have only dreamed of. A home you, and your family can grow in, live in, and grow old in.

Designed for your lifestyle: If you like open spaces, space to entertain, with a huge open kitchen, or if you lean more to cozy rooms with sunlit views, here at Butler Custom Homes your custom home begins as a blank canvas. Throughout our entire design process we will help you, and guild you in designing the custom home of your family’s dreams.

Built for today and tomorrow: Unlike so many builders we don’t build homes for huge empty neighborhoods, and then employee high-pressure salesmen to sell them, instead we build them with you, for you. Most so-called custom homes aren’t designed for your dreams, your needs, or your budget. A Butler Custom Home is designed to meet your budget, your needs today, and your needs tomorrow.

Located where you want: Building a custom home on your own lot means you can keep living in the neighborhood you don’t want to leave. Or you can find land in an area that best suits your needs, and dreams. It’s all up to you. Spec homes, or existing homes are built, and situated without your needs in mind. We can even guide you on finding the best land, and then how to situate your new home on your lot so you can get the best light, and views here in the Valley.

Sound Investment: When you build a custom home with Butler's you can be sure of the home’s quality construction, and materials. Butler Custom Homes come with a our structural custom warranty. You can be completely confident in what you’re buying. With an existing home, there’s wear and tear to consider. When you build a custom home with Butler you are investing in an energy efficient home that will save you money today, and tomorrow.

Building your home around your budget: We promise your Butler's Custom Home will be designed around your budget. We’re the #1 Custom Home Builder in Nevada, and our Industry partnerships allow us to access quality materials for the best value at the best price. When you buy an existing home you will be paying for features, or space that you may not want, or need. When you build custom with Butler, you have the freedom to choose where you invest your dollars. At Butler Custom Homes we believe in transparent pricing. No hidden costs, no unwelcomed surprises—you have total control of your investment

Live energy efficient: Unlike existing homes that can cost more to maintain, and that require costly maintenances especially if you’re forced to buy more space than you need. Your Butler's custom home will be built with energy efficient technologies, and your family’s comfort in mind. Quality custom construction and energy technology from Butler means lower utility bills. We partner with you throughout the design process to help you identify your energy, and appliance needs, so your Butler's custom home has everything you want, and none of the things you don’t

From dreams to fixtures: 

We’re Nevada’s largest, and most trusted custom homebuilder, and our design studio is unparalleled, it’s a one-stop for inspiration, dreams, and unparalleled custom homes design.

Just think of setting your eyes on your beautiful land scraping, be the envy of your friends when they walk into you’re your custom designed, energy efficient kitchen, smile every time you walk on your custom hardwood floors, relax in your custom designed spa bathroom, and entertaining on your custom deck.

From fixtures to moldings, we have everything you could ever want in one place for your custom home. Butler's makes building your custom home easy, cost effective, and fun.

So what are you waiting on, give us a call, and lets start designing your custom dream home today.