Get the Water You Need, When You Need It

Don't let a leaking pipe put a damper on your day in Las Vegas, NV

Have you ever imagined trying to go a day without fresh running water? You won't need to-the licensed plumbers at Butler's Construction and Service Solutions, LLC will respond quickly to troubleshoot any problems with your water line. If you have a corroded, cracked or leaking pipe, you can rely on us to fix the issue. We have all the equipment and skills needed to take care of it.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on your water line repair in Las Vegas, NV or surrounding areas.

Minimize the water damage

If a water line breaks in your home, time is the enemy. With each minute that passes, more water soaks into structural materials. Prevent major flooding damage with the help of the dedicated team at Butler's Construction and Service Solutions.

We'll get to your home as soon as possible to repair the leaking pipe so you can avoid the need for costly repairs resulting from:

  • Waterlogged floors and walls
  • Mildew growth
  • A flooded yard

Call now to schedule your water line repair in the Las Vegas, NV area.